About us

Regtech Open Project is a technology business specialised in regtech that has developed the award-winning Orbit Open Platform, which helps its customers to achieve Operational Resilience in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. RegTech Open Project supports customers in maintaining a secure and stable operating environment, whilst improving compliance with applicable regulations and standards, and reducing the risk of business disruption.

Our Strategy

To be the leading “blitz-scaling” regtech business

To enable quick adoption of robust Operational Resilience strategy

To drive value through continuous innovation

To become the leading “blitz-scaling” regtech business

Our ‘must-have’ operational resilience solution assures a demonstrable return on investment and high value to our customers providing the most comprehensive end-to-end specialised operational resilience and business continuity management (BCM) software via the SaaS-based Orbit Open Platform..
Focusing on delivering greater value to our customers to let them effectively address the following priorities:

  • Protect their business, their customer and their brand
  • Demonstrate compliance with operational resilience regulations and standards
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining operational resilience

To enable quick adoption of robust operational resilience strategy

Our unique strengths:

  • SaaS marketplace offering with product-led options, allowing customers to easily and quickly try and adopt our products.
  • Partnering with operational resilience niche players (i.e. emergency management & massive notification, cyber risk and vendor risk info providers) to let our customers easily experience a holistic approach to operational resilience.
  • Leveraging our global partnerships with the BIG4 accounting firms to provide a reliable safeguard against regulatory risk, ensuring that our customers’ business processes are fully compliant with operational resilience standards.

To drive value through continuous innovation

We help organisations become more resilient.

  • The power of community: leveraging the strength of our growing customer community, to understand preferences, behaviours and needs, and continually developing and enhancing our solutions to deliver the most value.
  • Expertise at hand: BCM certified and highly experienced customer service and support, with quick and effective responses to the every day challenges arising from implementing an operational resilience strategy.
  • Always current: Staying at the forefront of the regulatory landscape to ensure continuous alignment with global operational resilience regulations, standards and frameworks.